Radouan Mriziga in premiere - Gripping stories in Zina's beauty salon - Premiere of Rachid Benzine & Ruud Gielens - Premiere B'Rock & Muziektheater Transparant during the Klara Festival - Schwalbe marathon: 5 productions in 5 days - Angélica Liddell for the first time at the Kaaitheater - BL!NDMAN goes futuristic - Salva Sanchis in premiere - Gilles Deleuze revisited by Robert Cantarella

March is brimming with must-sees! Radouan Mriziga is premiering with his second performance. You can get a relaxing hand massage at the beauty salon of Zina and Kaaitheater. Ruud Gielens and Rachid Benzine are premiering with an ode to the Arabic woman. B'Rock & Muziektheater Transparant premiere with a new version of the John Passion of Bach with Pierre Audi and Wim Delvoye during the Klara Festival. Schwalbe brings all its performances in one week. Catalan director Angélica Liddell performs for the first time at the Kaaitheater. Salvis Sanchis dialogues with Discodesafinado in his newest performance. BL!NDMAN goes futuristic and Robert Cantarella brings Gilles Deleuze back on stage.

Rachid Benzine & Ruud Gielens on women in the Arabic world

The Kaaitheater asked Rachid Benzine to write a theatre text, In the eyes of heaven is the result. It speaks of the position of women in the Maghreb and Mashreq. Belgian theatre maker Ruud Gielens - living in Cairo since 2009 - has directed the piece. Film actresse Hiam Abbass (known from Paradise Now, Lemon Tree, Steven Spielbergs Munich, Amreeka) is performing. In the eyes of heaven premieres at the Kaaitheater.

Architectural premiere of Radouan Mriziga

Last season, Mriziga Radouan made his debut at the Kaaistudio's with his solo 55. He is artist in residence at the ‘nomadic’ arts center Moussem. His new performance, 3600, is a choreography for four dancers. Mriziga once again approaches dance from an architectural perspective, with the body as a central instrument. His production premieres at the Kaaistudio's.

Zina: gripping stories in a beauty salon

Sit down, close your eyes and relax! While enjoying a hand massage, listen to the stories of neighbours or distant strangers from another city. Zina and the Kaaitheater are joining forces to collect stories in Brussels and Amsterdam. What stories do people take with them from their journey across borders? What stories can we tell them? And which stories do we share?

Beauty Stories Salon was already organized several times in the Netherlands, and is now crossing the border to Belgium. It is also one of the BesteBuren projects.

An intruiging John Passion at the Klara Festival

Muziektheater Transparant, Baroque orchestra B'Rock and the Philharmonic Choir from Wroclaw add two new compositions to the John Passion of Bach: one by the Palestinian-Israeli composer Samir Odeh-Tamimi and one by the Flemish composer Annelies Van Parys. The French-Libanese theatre director Pierre Audi stages these compositions. Visual artist Wim Delvoye takes care of the scenography. And you must suffer/St. John Passion Bach premieres at the Kaaitheater during the Klara Festival and tours internationally next season.
> Read further: B'Rock / Transparant

Angélica Liddell about love and love delusion

In Tandy, the Catalan theatre-maker, writer and performer Angélica Liddell stages an adaptation of Sherwoord Anderson's Whinesburg, Ohio. She describes it as an elegiac tale about love and love delusion.

Angélica Liddell set up her company Atra Bilis (‘black bile’) in 1993. Her international breakthrough followed in 2010 at the Festival of Agivnon. Because of her intensely visual theatrical language, she has been described as the female Rodrigo Garcia, the other big name in Spanish avant-garde theatre. Tandy will be her first performance at the Kaaitheater. It premiered in June 2014 during the Berlin Foreign Affaires Festival.

Schwalbe Marathon: 5 days, 5 productions

The Dutch collective Schwalbe has made four productions and a fifth one is on its way. We will be hosting Schwalbe for a week – discover some of the best work young Dutch theatre has to offer! The seven performers and creators are always looking for extremely physical, exhausting theatre in a pure, sober form.

Schwalbe is looking for crowds won the "BNG Nieuwe Theatermakerprijs" for young theatre makers in 2014. Save them (in collaboration with Lotte van den Berg) is about the relationship between individual and group. Schwalbe performs on its own is a CO2-neutral production – bikes take a central role. Schwalbe cheats turns a game into a grim battle. We finish the sequel with their newest production: Schwalbe takes time. The audience is asked to 'temporarily relinquish time' during this 12-hour performance.

Dance floor vs. stage

In Radical Light, choreographer Salva Sanchis looks for common ground between experience related 'instinctive' dance and fomal 'composed' dance. He engages in conversation with sound designers Joris Vermeiren and Senjan Jansen of Discodesafinado. The performance premieres at the Kaaitheater.
Find out more about Salva's solo work at Kunst/Werk.

BL!NDMAN [hybrid] 2.0

For this second edition of BL!NDMAN [hybrid], Eric Sleichim creates a performance inspired by the Russian Futurism. He collaborates with vocal artist Claron McFadden, cellist Jörg Brinkmann and turntable wizard Matthew Wright. The concert Beyond/Behind passes by Bristol and Ghent before coming to the Kaaitheater.

Gilles Deleuze revisited

Writer, actor and stage director Robert Cantarella has been ‘doing a Gilles’ for several years now in his lecture performance Faire le Gilles. Which means that he has been giving new voice to the renowned lectures the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze gave at the university of Paris VIII in Vincennes in the 1980s.


March at the Kaaitheater


BL!NDMAN [hybrid]
02/03 | music

Over filosofie en muziek
02/03 | lecture | NL

Beauty Stories Salon
4 > 6/03 | theatre / performance | NL / FR

4 > 5/03 | dance | Kaaistudio's | premiere

4 > 6/03 | theatre | NL

Wat nu nodig is
9 > 10/03 | theatre | NL | Kaaistudio's

And you must suffer/St. John Passion Bach
10 > 12/03 | music / theatre | DE | premiere

Faire le Gilles
11/03 | lecture / performance | FR | Kaaistudio's

Over tussendenken
12/03 | lecture | NL | Kaaistudio's

Radical Light
18 > 19/03 | dans | Kaaistudio's | premiere

19 > 20/03 | theatre | ES (surtitled in ENG)

In the eyes of heaven
24 > 25/03 | theatre | FR (surtitled in NL/ENG/ARA) | premiere

Schwalbe is looking for crowds
21/03 | theatre | Kaaistudio's

Save them
22/03 | theatre | Kaaistudio's

Schwalbe performs on its own
24/03 | theatre | Kaaistudio's

Schwalbe cheats
25/03 | theatre | Kaaistudio's

Schwalbe takes time
26/03 | theatre | Kaaistudio's | Belgian premiere

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